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Some more classic Neapolitan songs

Hi my lovely dears!

This post will be about some more of my favourite classic Neapolitan songs.

In a previous article I talked about my (personal) top four as far as classic Neapolitan songs are concerned. Here I talk about some more songs that are part of the traditional Neapolitan repertoire and I particularly like.

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My favourite Neapolitan songs

Hi everyone!

Today I decided to write about something I love: Neapolitan songs. Naples has a very old musical tradition, with songs about all you can feel in love: nostalgia for a lost love, melancholy for a love you can’t have for one reason or the other, the romance of fresh love, passion or desire for the person you love (or you would like to love), jealousy about the person you’re in love with, regrets for the person you’ve hurt, and so on.

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