Buon appetito! Risotto with saffron

Second post! This one will be of a different kind from the previous one… a culinary one! Actually I am inspired by something I cooked in these days – and that I absolutely like (and yes, the dish in the picture is the one that I actually cooked)!

So, I hope you will forgive me if my first post is about something typical Italian but not Neapolitan, and actually typical of Northern Italy, namely Milan. What I’m talking about? Risotto with saffron, of course… what else? I thought of describing how I do it, so you can try it and let me know if you like it.

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Speak Italian with Arianna 1 – Greetings

In this tutorial I explain how we greet people in Italy. The terms “buongiorno”, “buonasera”, and “ciao”, among others, will all be discussed. The opening and closing music is an original rendition of “‘O Sole Mio” (1898) by Giovanni Capurro (lyrics) and Eduardo di Capua (music). The image used in the opening titles is a mosaic depicting Plato’s Academy from the Villa of T. Siminius Stephanus in Pompeii (Wikimedia Commons), while the image in the closing titles is a fresco showing a prince and a philosopher from the Villa of P. Fannius Sinistrex in Boscoreale (my picture from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples).