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The tomb of Paraherwenemef (QV42)

Hi my lovelies! I decided to start a series of posts about the Valley of the Queens… or at least about some of the tombs found in it, namely those of king Ramesses III’s sons. Despite belonging to princes, these five tombs are all located on the south-western side of the main wadi (or dried riverbed) of this valley.

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The funerary complex of Djoser in Saqqara

Hi everyone!

Despite being an Egyptologist, I just realized I never published anything related to Egypt on this blog, so it was high time I remedied the deficiency and wrote about something Egyptological (using my own photographs).

This post is about the site of Saqqara, northwest of Memphis and not far from Cairo. It is famous for hosting the first pyramid built in Egypt, namely the step-pyramid of king Djoser (ca. 2667 to 2648 BC), who was the second king of the Third Dynasty.

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