Speak Italian with Arianna 44 – Parts of the body/3

In this tutorial I talk about the Italian words for the parts of the upper body.

Here you can find the first tutorial on the human body, with the Italian words for the parts of the face and the head, and the second tutorial on the parts of the body, about the Italian words for the fingers and the toes.

I hope you enjoy it, and to see you soon on this blog. Ciao ciao!


Italian proverbs, part 5

Hi my lovely dears!

This blog post is the fifth in my series of articles on Italian proverbs. As in the previous ones, I will go through some Italian proverbs in alphabetical order, one proverb per letter. For each proverb, I’ll give the English translation, including the English equivalent of the proverb (when available), and its meaning.

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5 ways to remember new words

Learning words is part of the process of learning a new language. Building up your vocabulary is one of the more important things to achieve, because to speak you need to know the words that express your ideas, and to be fluent in a language means also to know exactly the words needed. But this is also quite though to achieve. It requires time. The problem is that when you learn a word you work with your short-term memory, so you store this word in a place of your brain from where it will probably disappear if you don’t use it again.

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